The head, in cinofilia, is a fundamental element that determines the type of dog we are observing.
Each breed has its typicality due to a series of relationships between skull-muzzle and their respective axes.
It is from the head that we can easily identify a Maremma-Abruzzese Sheepdog from any other white dog of the same size.
It is therefore a very important aspect to evaluate;
the head of the PMA must have an inverted truncated cone shape, where the skull is at the widest base and the nose at the distal part.
It must have divergent skull / facial axes with a consequent slightly accentuated Stop (nose / forehead jump).
The eye is very important in terms of shape, position and color, as all these aspects will determine the expression, the more correct these elements will be, the more correct these elements will be;
The eye must be almond-shaped, positioned laterally or semi / laterally, slightly lower than the line of insertion of the ear, dark in color, preferably black.
The ear must be inserted high above the eye line, it must be small and almost imperceptible to the front view of the dog, hidden by the abundant fur collar.
The appearance must be triangular with the typical ‘V’ shape; once they were also cut to avoid damage in case of attack by the Wolf;
Thanks also to this aspect, the head of the PMA must, by impact, recall that of the Polar White Bear.