Our History

Our Breeding began more than thirty years ago 'when Sirio Di Michele, who led his life' teaches the sheep and all 'farm, he decided, in 1982, to seek recognition as a pure breed by his hard Guardians white as a child possessed and indispensable for such work. It was like that with the entry of the "Serpente" LIR (Book Recognized Italian), who began the story, somehow documented, of what would later become the 'Breeding' Velino Sirente "officially recognized ENCI / FCI.

In fact, after the untimely death of Sirius began for us, the hard task of carrying on the work of selection, especially character of these dogs, started from Sirio. Following the 'teaching of the same, we continued the' breeding continuing to give more importance to 'morphological appearance of the dog, getting closer to the official context of PMA (following the directions of the Circle of the Shepherd Maremma-Abruzzese-CPMA-) and always giving more attention to the world exhibition, obtaining good results in the field of national and international.